Diamond White and Bruno Legaignoux are pleased to announce that they have entered into an ongoing intellectual property licensing agreement with Best Kiteboarding, one of the leading brands.

The licensing agreement settles all intellectual property rights between the parties for inflatable kites and control systems, past and present.

Ian M. Huschle, CEO of Best, commented: “Bruno’s original work gave birth to kiteboarding and his ongoing innovations have made the sport one of the most exciting ever invented. We’re delighted to support his groundbreaking efforts and to do our part to make kiteboarding more fun, more accessible, and safer than ever before.”

With a retail network that includes 500 accounts in 50 countries around the world, Best Kiteboarding is the fastest growing brand in the industry.

Said Bruno: “It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of Best, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them. They take their role in the industry seriously and they are committed to nurturing the true essence of the sport.”

Now, more than half the sold kites are under Bow license.

Here is the updated list of licensees, by date:

– TAKOON www.takoon.com
– CABRINHA www.cabrinhakites.com
– AIRUSH www.airush.com
– STAR Kites www.starkites.com
– EH Kiteboarding www.cabareteairforce.com
– KITE BILLBOARD www.kitebillboard.com
– FALCOM Kiteboarding www.groupfalcom.com
– KITE LOOSE www.loose.it
– OFFDALIP www.offdalip.com
– WIND-X www.wind-x.com
– FREAKDOG Kites www.freakdogkites.com
– CATAPULT www.catapultkiteboarding.com
– FLUID Kiteboarding www.fluidkiteboarding.com
– LUSKI www.luskikiteboarding.com
– MORMAII www.kitesmormaii.com
– SLINGSHOT www.slingshotkiteboarding.com
– BEST www.bestkiteboarding.com

Take care to purchase your BOW kite from one of these brands. Their BOW kites have a Certificate of Authenticity sewn on.