Good news for the kayakists who want to overcome the wind so as to improve their performance. The wind-kayak will facilitate their exploits. Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux, from the company Wipika, have invented an original flying wing. Unsinkable thanks to a leading edge and five transversal inflatable ribs, it weighs only 600 gm and is linked to the kayak by two cords 6 m long. Its from this wing that the company “Kayak Littoral Atlantique” has managed to create a system which allows one or more kayaks to be towed one behind the other or a couple as in a catamaran.

The Wipika wing is easy to put into action and takes very little space. The centre of gravity of the kayak, which is actually situated at water level, is slightly modified. The wing is fixed on the deck and the traction point can be moved by a system of come and go which allows the kayak to navigate crosswind, downwind and even upwind without rudder nor oar.

The ideal wind force for using the wing is from 3 to 7 Beaufort. Some security rules are to be respected: never go alone, equip the wing with a security snap hook that opens under pressure and that is linked to the skirt of the kayak, have a knife with you…just in case. If you would like to try out the wind-kayak, contact the company “Kayak Littoral Atlantique” who can help you discover the sport on all water bodies and beaches in France as well as in other countries. For further info: Kayak Littoral Atlantique, 29 rue du rosmeur, 29100 Douarnenez, tel/fax: 98 92 16 94.