Type : Profiled wing with a thick leading edge and partial inflatable body and a simple surface – WIPIKA

Control : 2 lines.

Size : 6,50 m2. 8 m2.

Level : Some time to get adapted to the inverted commands. Once past this stage: all levels.

Characteristics : A very different concept and for marine use. Structure of inflatable tubes. Fabrication quality is irreproachable and in mylarized spinnaker. Two braking systems available. Inverted controls.

Visa CVP : A very mature wing that has evolved during the past 10 years since its conception. A studied finesse so that it can be adapted to be used for Buggying, body dragging, and any kind of boat. Evolution in the marine environment. In the countryside, caution needed with bushes, thorns etc due to the fragile inflatable tubes. Their reparation is however easy. The wing is very measured in its reactions, not violent, but powerful, and always gives the impression that it can accelerate even more.

Riding advices : Let the wing fly. Don’t hesitate to place it in front of you. Be careful with take offs and landings (puncture of inflatable tubes). Very easy to take off when it’s in the water.
Conviviale de Quend-Plage

“Some numbers: the speedometer of Julian Wolfe Patrick showed a speed of 80km/h and the fastest speed recorded was 76km/h by Bruno Legaignoux and his exceptional Wipika wing.”

“Bruno Legaignoux literally blew away the rest of the participants with the latest evolution of his Wipika wing. The braking has been simplified and its use is now easier. When the wind was not strong enough to inflate the foils and pull the sand buggies, the Legaignoux-Zeph-Wipika trio scoured the beach in all directions and managed to exploit the slightest of breezes.”

“Ten years ago, Flexifoil invented the concept of soft kites. Designed as a “Power Kite”, it opened the doors for kite propulsion.

At the same time the Legaignoux brothers were beginning the Wipika program, from which was born today’s wing that is considered as one of best, if not, the best at the moment. A concept totally different from the others.”