In terms of monsters, we have already seen it all in Brest. We were still surprised to discover, riding on top of a 2 HP antique car that must have belonged to Noah, something white looking like a half jaw of a whale.

It’s one of the inflatable kites of the Legaignoux brothers. Bruno and Dominique send back Archimedes and the other supporters of the hydrofoil, at the same time. No Boat: just very spatula-like water-skis with an attached rudder. The kite’s ropes are fixed to the waist of the coxswain. “It’s been one year since my brother and I have been working full time on this project”, explains Bruno, aged twenty four. “We had to find the right shape (half moon) for the kite and the right materials. Now, we have mastered it: we launch it from the water and we can go up wind. We still need to perfect the skis, and the guys who get onto them !”
“With the choppy waters of Brest, we have not yet succeeded in doing a run, as we are just starting out on the skis, but on calm waters, we have reached speeds of 20 knots, and we manage to take off and glide for around ten, twenty meters”

The goal of the two brothers: launching a new sport, that is very affordable and spectacular (difficult to obtain a better weight/power ratio !). The minimum space requirement allows all the gear to be transported on a moped. Practical. But say guys, if we put an additional windsurf on the moped; we’ll end up with a sand yacht, right?

D. Charles
Photo A. Sézérat