As we already saw in Brest, the speed and wind gurus sometimes practice the nautical baroque. But what is positive is, the Base activates the imagination of those whose momentary ambition in their life is to go as fast as they can with a sail over 500 m. This is the case of 2 guys from Quimper: Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux. These ex junior dinghy champions in 420 and 470 (French champions in 79) have, they also, taken a U turn towards the Fun board and the Surfboard. In two words they are slide crazy.

Ultra Light

Inspired by Jacob’s Ladder, over the past few months they’ve been putting the finishing touches on a kite which does not lack in originality. It has the form of a half moon, and is lightweight; about 2 kilos for a sail of 7m² and 4 kilos for a sail of 17m².

The problem with thick aerofoil is often their weight. The trick here is that the armature is inflated under pressure. The leading edge strut in the form of a crescent is totally integrated into its profile. The kite is used to pull the sailor on skis. The lead wing is manoeuvred by 2 ropes which pass through a pulley and swivel that is connected to a harness. Once in the water, the classical position is that of a nautical skier. Legaignoux launches the kite down wind and the cords become taut. Thanks to its inflatable armature the kite stays above water. Once the tension in the cords is right, the skipper pulls on either one to put the kite into a take off position. The skier then gets into position. If the wind is strong enough, he picks up speed and goes off onto the open sea, like in a dream.

The formula does not lack any ingeniousness. But as they still haven’t sailed enough, the Legaignoux brothers confess to not having perfected it. Brest will thus be their laboratory.