The kite seemed to them the best method to clock the best times in pure speed. So, they deliberated for a long time on its form (not less than 25 different models) to finally end up after a year of hard work with the perfect kite (they are sure of it). It is made up of an inflatable armature covered by 2 skins of a light material, which gives its rigidity. There are two versions: 7m² and 17m² (the second model weighting 4.5 kg).

Using it is very easy. Skis replace the boat. Bruno Legaignoux has two very short pairs (1 m and 1.5 m). He attaches a pulley to his harness, connects himself to the kite by means of two cords of 20 m, which allow him to direct it. The kite rises progressively to 5° vertically and pulls the skier out of the water, who shoots off rapidly at this moment. The result is guaranteed by winds of force 4 – 5 (by a good Force 2 it wasn’t very conclusive). But “a lot of training is required to go fast”. This is what may lack the most between now and the end of the week.