15 months after the introduction of the Bow concept by our licensees Cabrinha and Takoon, the results of the SBC Kiteboard Magazine industry survey are :

Total number of kites sold for the 2006 model year: 114,465
Number of SLE/Bow/Hybrid kites sold for the 2006 model year: 77,836

That means 68% of total kites !!! It’s an even wider success than we expected here at Diamond White.
This number relates to the last 12 months, so that means that today high depower kite sales are probably closer to 90%.
There are no available stats for the accidents but it seems that the number of fatalities decreased this year while the number of sold kites increased.
The sport is now safer, easier to learn and cheaper (one needs less kites).
The market is benefiting from the BOW revolution !