Today is an historical day for the sailing world: indeed, a kitesurfer, for the first time ever, took over the Speed Sailing Outright Record, ousting the windsurfer Antoine Albeau.

The man in question is the US citizen Rob Douglas, officially timed at 49.84 knots ! He was using a BOW kite, more precisely a Crossbow IDS from Cabrinha, which particularly pleases us since the Crossbow(1), first BOW kite on the market (August 2005) has been designed by Bruno Legaignoux in collaboration with the Cabrinha team.

That occured in Namibia, on day 4th of the Luderitz Speed Challenge, an event that will lasts for a month.

It is nearly certain that the mythical speed barrier of 50 knots will be broken by a kitesurfer in the next days or weeks. Keep tuned !

It is interesting to see that the KITE speed record went from 38.28 knots in 2003 to 41.79 in 2005 (+3.5 knots) then to 49.84 in 2008 (+8 knots). This is a great demonstration of the Bow kite efficiency and how it revolutionized kitesurfing.