We started this section in the issue No. 44 by presenting to you a returning system for a catamaran. Our eternal search has led us to discover machines that are bizarre to say the least, but not at all lacking in interest.

To start with we have chosen the Wipi Cat. The Wipi Cat was inspired by both the windsurfer and the catamaran, and can be folded into a normal sports bag, weighs only 8kgs and can be transported on a moped. The bag contains an inflatable catamaran that has three independent sections, two PVC high resistance centreboards, an inflatable wing, a one-size harness, a pump and a pair of oars. Its an inflatable kite flying catamaran.

Inflating the hulls takes approximately 10 minutes. The brochure tells us that flying the wing is as easy as flying a kite (and even a child can do that!) and the catamaran is extremely stable on the water which implies that there is no need to exert too much effort to get the whole system to work. The wing or kite is unsinkable and will take off at the least demand from the “helmsman”. It has two basic guiding directions: left and right.

The Wipi Cat can be easily steered without the use of a rudder, heads into the wind very well and can navigate in wind speeds of up to 25 knots. It also makes a good cruiser’s dinghy since it can be propelled by using the oars or an even more exciting way to enjoy this craft is to tie it up to a motor boat and be towed ant speed – try some new sensations!

Specifications: Length: 3.20m – width: 0.68m – Weight: 7kgs – wing surface: 6.5m². Price: 5000 French Francs.

WIPICAT – 80, route de Brest – 29000 QUIMPER, France