For a new approach towards the sea a catamaran pulled by a Flying Wing

Saturday, 2 pm onwards, in front of the Mousterlin beach in Fouesnant, the presentation and use of a totally new craft will take place. A catamaran pulled by a flying wing.

This cratf baptised the Wipi Cat was invented by two brothers from Quimper, Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux. They were both adepts of Windsurfing and were French Champions in 1979 and were in the junior French team in the 420 class. Speed freaks, they have been developing since 1985 a flying wing that can take off from water without any help from the outside, and can pull a water skier and can attain speeds up to 24 knots
An invention that earned them the Prize for Ingeniousness at the Speed week in Brest.


From their first experience the two brothers have created the Wipi-Cat, an inflatable catamaran pulled by a wing. A simple machine, light and original for having fun in the wind.
The catamaran, the inflatable wing, the harness and a pair of oars weight just 10 kg, and fit into a bag. But the wing can also pull a dinghy, a sea kayak and talk about including it in lifeboats that lack a system of propulsion.
But the wing can also pull a dinghy, a sea kayak and talk about including it in lifeboats that lack a system of propulsion.

All directions

Using it is very easy. The wing allows, like an ordinary sail to sail in different directions.
The wing, attached to the pilot by means of a harness in the wind axis, stays inflated in a vertical position to the catamaran. To accelerate and choose a speed, you just need to manually action one of the knobs, left or right. The wing as in a dinghy allows going upwind, till around 45° of the wind and can attain maximum speeds in the open sea (cross winds).
In Douarnenez, KLA instructor, Bernard Moulin already uses the wings with sea kayaks. Last weekend, from Douarnenez he managed to reach the Sein Island without using the oars at all.
This wing can also be used on land, on the beach to pull karts or roller skates (2 inflatable wheels). Another new sport that can be discovered Sunday from 10 am onwards on the long beach of Sainte Anne La Palud.
A company

This invention has allowed the two brothers to create in Quimper, on the Keradennec Avenue, a small company with three employees that has already made 70 catamarans and around a hundred wings. Students who take care of the demonstrations increase the work force during the vacation.

François Salvert