After the success of the first 4.5 m² bow kite prototype at the beginning of 2006 (see Incredible kite !), the Legaignoux brothers’ project of developing a high performance ultra flat kite went on with 10m² prototypes to end up in a 10-identical-kites set intensively tested since february 2007 by different build and level riders.

Let Florence give us her firt impressions (intermediate level):

” I was a bit skeptical at the beggining when I was offered a 10m kite in place of my 12 m, I am a small build – 122 pounds – but I like to have enough power to jump high. And it’s on this point that I felt very surprised: I was able to start jumping in 12-13 knots of wind the hangtime of the kite is really huge.. I had far enough power to make tricks, in spite of my rather small board (129×34) for those wind conditions. As soon as the wind rose a bit (15-16 knots), I really had the sensation of gliding high and for a long time. So my tricks were easier, and since the wing turns really fast on tips, I even tried kiteloops that I daren’t generally do! I went out of the water delighted, it was such a good session ! “

Then Stephan (competing rider) :

“It’s a very good kite to jump high. With it I can go very high and perform very big jumps. The kiteloops are fast but rather soft. Futhermore, I found that the relaunch was very easy. “

Gerard, who loves waves, appreciates its capacity to go upwind as well as its discretion when surfing, as the kite stays super stable, even when very sheeted out.

All the testers share this enthusiasm; they are all unanimous with its exceptionnal properties:

– The size/power ratio is far better than today’s bow kites. It allows you to use a smaller kite, with all the advantages that come along:

On a pratical sight, a large storage/carry easyness added to a reduced inflating time – combined with the “single inflation ” system by the top skin extrados.

Let Bruno explain:

“With this inflating system, I position the kite face to the ground from the start, I launch it alone, I am on the water in less than 10 minutes”

On the water, a light, responsive, fast wing;

The power remains the one of a bigger size kite: a 120-pounds rider will use the 10m2 as his/her quiver’s biggest kite. This wing having, as all the bow kites, a huge ability to depower and many setting points, its wind range is even increased: close to 15 knots.

– Concerning its piloting abilities, everybody is attracted by its surprising qualities on the water:

– Its responsiveness: a very high turning speed, allowing tight kiteloops in spite of the pulley bar;

– In the pulley bar version (from 50 to 55cm), the bar feeling is very acceptable and allows to well locate the wing during the jumps; it also works perfectly in the no-pulley bar version (60 or 65cm) for the direct connexion fanatics;

– At last, and it’s certainly what most are allured by, its hang-time is mind-blowing, allowing to take off at the slightest blow: the jumps are easy, higher, we glide a long time and land softly…

Diamond White supplies for free this new kite plans to its licensees, as well as its technical support. Some of them are already preparing the production of kites inspired by those plans, and within six months at most they will be on the market.