We are happy to present this new version of the www.bowkite.org site, coupled with the www.bowkite.com site.
You will find there in particular downloadable copies of all the Legaignoux patents and a press-book of old articles (translations will soon be available)

We use this opportunity to give a progress report on the BOW patents :


Here is the current list of the Licensees of the BOW kite patents:

– TAKOON  www.takoon.com

– CABRINHA   www.cabrinhakites.com

– AIRUSH  www.airush.com

– STAR Kites  www.starkites.com

– EH Kiteboarding  www.cabareteairforce.com

– GENETRIX  www.genetrix-kiteboarding.com

– KITE BILLBOARD  www.kitebillboard.com

– FALCOM  www.group-falcom.com

Take care to purchase your BOW kite from one of these brands. Their BOW kites have a Certificate of Authenticity sewn on.


Although we owe the BOW kite revolution to the Legaignoux brothers whose DW holds the patents, several brands produce kites according to the BOW principle but refuse to take a licence under various pretexts.
DW will not leave this situation as it is and already actively prepares the legal battle against the infringers.