First there was windsurfing, then there was jetskiing – but kite sailing, according to Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux, will be the watersports rage of the future. The Breton brothers have been developing water kites since 1985 and have come up with a design which, they claim, fits into a small bag, is easy to assemble and exciting to sail.

Launching can be either from a beach or the water, where the driver hangs on for dear life, sitting on top of the 11ft (3,3m) hull. This consists of three attached, inflatable tubes, complete with a rigid centreboard and fin..

The driver eases out the two ropes attached to either end of the kite. catching the wind. As there is no rudder the hull is steering by playing these ropes. Once underway speeds of up to 18 knots, depending on wind strength, can be reached.

Convoluted it may sound, but remember that the initial reaction to windsurfers was much the same. The Legaignoux’s creation has been designed with mass production in mind and they believe that production models will cost less than an average windsurfer. They are currently looking for suitable commercial backing.